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Review Track Rules & Regulations before riding


Track Rules & Safety Regulations

Ride at your Own Risk
Go-Karts are a rigorous, driver-controlled physical activity involving a degree of risk. The following rules and regulations exist for your safety and enjoyment.

Physical Requirements
All drivers & passengers must meet the posted height requirement for reach attraction.
To participate, drivers & passengers must possess​ upper body control. Drivers must have four functioning extremities; two functioning arms/hands & two functioning legs/feet. Passenger must have at least one functioning arm and sufficient lower extremities to ensure the ride restraint system adequately restrains them. Drivers must be able to steer the go-kart, hold onto the steering wheel with both hands, and use both feet to operate the brake and gas pedals. Drivers must exhibit sufficient visual acuity to operate the go-kart safely.

Guests with a history of health conditions including, but not limited to the following, should refrain from participating in this attraction:
Back, neck or spinal injury; a history of seizures and/or blackouts, heart condition, pregnancy; or any medications/substances which preclude you from operating heavy equipment or vehicle, alter your perception or slow your reaction time.

Driving with a Passenger
Drivers with a passenger must present a valid driver's license to the attendant before every race.
​ A learner's permit with paper license is valid, but BOTH must be presented. Photos of licenses or letters from the DMV stating receipt of license will not be accepted under any circumstance.

Loose Articles Not Permitted
Loose articles are not permitted & should be left with a non-rider or in a designated area/bin. We are not responsible for items lost, damaged or stolen while visiting.

Loose Clothing must be Secured
Loose clothing must be removed or safely secured within the restraint. Scarves, hats & other loose clothing that cannot be properly secured could cause a safety hazard & are not permitted.

Long Hair must be Secured
Go-Karts have rotating parts. Hair longer than shoulder-length must be secured above the shoulders. NO EXCEPTIONS.
Hair must be tied up so that it does not fall below the shoulders. Do not tuck long hair into clothing as it will come loose during the ride. String or ribbon longer than the hair may not be used. Secure long hair with a hair elastic (hair tie) or equivalent at the nape of the neck. Hair must be secured in such a fashion that in wind, movement and even intentional contact by the driver or passenger will not cause the hair to become loose.

During the Ride
Remain seated in your car with safety harness secured at all times until instructed by track attendants to exit.

No Bumping or Contact Allowed
Incidental contact may result in halting of the race and issuing a warning to all cars initiating contact.
Additional incidents of contact or aggressive/intentional contact will result in loss of all driving privileges. Driver that track attendants deem unable to properly control their vehicle will be prohibited from driving a go-kart.

Recommended Footwear
Closed-toe shoes that completely cover the entire foot are recommended.
Open toed or open heeled shoes are not recommended and could result in injury in the event of a collision.

Two Hands on the Wheel
Keep both hands on the steering wheel at all times. Use of electronic devices such as phones, iPods or cameras is STRICTLY PROHIBITED.


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