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Our arcade is one of the largest game rooms in the Northern Virginia, Washington DC and Maryland region. We have over 130 video, ticket & prize games!


About half of our over 100 arcade games are Video Games. Video Games do not give out tickets, chips, cards or prizes.


Get unlimited access to our wide selection of Video Games with a FUNpass+ Day Pass or Membership!


Load your Play Card or wristband for easy access to our massive arcade! Enjoy classic games like Skeeball, as well as all the newest and most-popular games, from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles to Wizard of Oz.

No need to collect wads of paper tickets - all your winnings are automatically added to your Play Card or wristband! It's as easy as SWIPE, PLAY, WIN!


Games, prizes and prices subject to change without notice.


From whoopie cushions and candy to the really big prizes like consoles & hoverboards, we have a vast selection of prizes for everyone!


Don't worry, you can keep your e-tickets on your Play Card and save them until you collect enough for your favorite prize.


Register your Play Card at a Kiosk for safe keeping of your Play Value & e-tickets.

You'll need a Play Card or Wristband for all games & attractions!

Play Value needs to be loaded onto a Play Card or Wristband. Play Cards are free for guests of Fun Land and any amount can be loaded. Play Value never expires.

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